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An image of graffiti in Cuba which reads 'Las ideas pueden mas que las armas.'

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Our Mission Statement

(is) Bringing Light into Darkness

Our mission is, in pursuit of social justice, to work towards seeking to understand and then changing the forces behind that portion of human and ecological misery that is human generated. Our method is, through principled critical thinking and action, to identify and analyze the most powerful negative influences on our national and the global political-economic reality, their effects on world living conditions, on the way we think, on our social theory ideologies, health issues and chemical dependency rates, and change them.

We work to

Bringing Light Into Darkness, Monday News & Analysis

Bringing Light Into Darkness (BLID) Monday News & Analysis a weekly News and Public Affairs radio program which airs Monday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. on KOOP 91.7 in Austin, Texas. Host and producer Pedro Gatos began producing his style of historically contexted ‘critical thinking’ news & analysis Radio production on KOOP Radio in 2002. Extensive research, well sourced and journalistically documented, BLID challenges and holds accountable how our news is packaged and presented to us, and the fundamental biases underlying its misrepresentations. Therefore cautioning news consumers: ‘Do Not Believe Everything You Think’.

Opinions and ideas are an outcome of life experiences. Within that paradigm, each day information is both made more, or less available for our conscious consumption.

We invite you to frequent this website weekly to access critical thinking news & perspectives to augment your own ideological library of information from which each of us launch our own understanding of the world around us.

Below you can find an archive of 'featured' past programs.


Featured Programs

September 16, 2019: Allegations Without Evidence & the 9/14/2019 Drone & Missile Strikes: Who Comes Running to Protect the World’s Greatest State Sponsor of Terrorism – Saudi Arabia? With Special Guest Dr. Mohammad Sahimi.

Bringing Light into Darkness, Monday News and Analysis writes: Dr Muhammad Sahimi, the esteemed scientist and Professor of Chemical Engineering at USC joins Pedro Gatos and provides his unique and well-informed perspective on Iran and US relations. The show focuses most importantly on the fuller context, namely the Saudi led 4.5 year war on Yemen, as the indispensable backdrop for the recent 9/14/2019 drone and missile attacks on State owned Saudi Aramco’s oil processing facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.
Dr Sahimi, a US -Iranian citizen, emigrated to the US in the late 1970s, and before that was part of the Green Movement that opposed Iranian government domestic policies. His critique of US -Iran relations is based on extensive knowledge of Middle Eastern affairs that he has shared on Bringing Light into Darkness for more than 10 years. Since 1986 he has been a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists - an organization dedicated to preventing the spread of nuclear weapons - and a contributor to its Partners for Earth Program. He has published some 300 scientific research papers and five books. Dr Sahimi has focused on the legal and technical issues connected to the dispute between Iran and the Western powers regarding Iran's nuclear energy program.
Below we invite you to find (and study) the audio of this interview in three (easy listening) segments.

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August 06, 2018: US-Russian Relations since the fall of the USSR? Special Guest: Ambassador Jack Matlock, former US Amb. to Russia.

Bringing Light into Darkness, Monday News and Analysis writes: Ambassador Matlock was United States Ambassador to the Soviet Union April 6, 1987 – August 11, 1991 & former US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia September 28, 1981 – September 20, 1983, and has 35 years of government service with a “top secret” clearance. Ambassador Jack Matlock joins Pedro Gatos and speaks to three subjects:
1) the whitewash nature of the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA January 2017).
2) The historic 1991 demise of the Soviet Union and US broken promises to respect their national security interests.
3) The NATO intervention in Yugoslavia as a precedent and in comparison to the accusations that Russia illegally annexed Crime in 2014.
Below we invite you to find (and study) the audio of this interview in three (easy listening) segments.

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Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

July 22, 2019: Has American Discourse around Russia-gate Descended to a Dangerous Level of Irrationality?                                                                       Special Guest: Investigative Reporter Patrick Lawrence

Bringing Light Into Darkness, Monday News & Analysis, 7/22/19 guest Patrick Lawrence writes,"American discourse has descended to a dangerous level of irrationality. The most ordinary standards of evidentiary procedure are forgone. Many of our key institutions—the foreign policy apparatus, the media, key intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, the political leadership—are now extravagantly committed to a narrative none appears able to control" nor can definitively defend under basic rules of evidence. Yet in the absence of such definitive evidence a vast number if not most of the US public believe it to be unquestionably true based on essentially allegations alone.


This 'Bringing Light Into Darkness' 7/22/19 audio dialogue with Patrick Lawrence, provides, in embodied parallel examples between the 1/6/17 Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) and the 448 page Mueller Report allegations (and indictments), judgments shared without evidentiary justifications for their certainty, which due to the mainstream media’s absence of allowing well put together dissenting viewpoints challenging basic assumptions, were allowed to materialize into 'unquestioned certainties' in US public consciousness. Namely that "The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion" and in a manner inconsistent with our own government propaganda efforts aimed at Russia.

Below you can find (and study) the audio of this interview in three (easy listening) segments


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Part 3 of 3